Opportunities Provided by the World’s Rapidly Ageing Population

Financial Times (UK) is publishing a six-part series on the changes being forced on industries ranging from technology to entertainment as companies wake up to the opportunities provided by the world’s rapidly ageing population. One needs to register and/or subscribe to the FT to access the articles but here are a few snippets: Global spending…more

Older People Still Under-Represented on TV

Women and older people are still starkly under-represented on UK television. A report by the Creative Diversity Network revealed that television was far younger and more male than the population at large. It said older people were “considerably under-represented” with over-55s accounting for just 8% of entertainment presenters and 12% of lead roles in drama. The research…more

Older People More Open to Using Smartwatches for Online Identification

Apart from their potential for gathering sports activities, navigation, phone calls and apps, smartwatches could also serve as proof of identity, a travel ticket holder or a method of making payments at the checkout. And according to an international study conducted by GfK, older generations seem more open to using smartwatches for online identification. The survey asked…more

Brands Should Help Older Consumers Manage Preventative Healthcare

Self-care is playing a significant role in the lives of consumers today and preventative care is a key strategy. more…

Opportunities To Target The Ageing Consumer In The Food And Beverages Market

Products with enriched nutrition, extra health benefits and easy to consume are expected to see strong opportunities for growth among the ageing population in Asia Pacific. more…

Check Out The Latest From Pfizers’ ‘Get Old’ Website

Pfizer continues to do a great job at demystifying and de-stigmatizing ageing. more…

China’s Ageing Market Now Worth $652 billion And Set To Explode

The industry is expected to rise to 106 trillion yuan ($17 trillion) by 2050, amounting to a third of the Chinese economy. more…

Japans Appliance Makers Launch New Products For Their Exploding Ageing Consumer Market

It seems that new product development to capture a share of the lucrative older consumer market in Japan, has shifted to high gear. more…

Online Purchase Intent Low Among Older Consumers But Set To Rise

While younger consumer lead the way, don’t count out the older folks. Global online purchase intention rates doubled—in some cases tripled—between 2011 and 2014 across more than half of 22 categories measured by Nielsen. But not all age groups are shopping online to the same degree. And the age group that has grown up in…more

Taiwan Aims To Become Age-Friendly

In 2013, all 22 cities and counties in Taiwan signed the Dublin Declaration to commit to becoming age-friendly. more…