How Companies Can Benefit From China’s Elderly

Here’s an interview I recently gave on Bloomberg TV.

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How to make your business Age-Friendly

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50+ CEO’s too old to innovate?

Data suggests that by the time most CEOs make it to the corner office, their most creative, innovative years are behind them. But there’s a catch. According to this article from HBR, the average age of Nobel Prize-winning work and technical innovation was around age 30 in 1900; but by 2000 it was nearly 40. The average…more

Another Ageing Suit. Is Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery or Just Plain Capitalism?

It seems the population of apparatus that simulate the ageing physiology are growing as fast as the demographic they are reflecting. Arguably MIT’s AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System) is top of the heap in terms of  fame but there’s a new ‘kid’ on the block (roll drums); The gloriously named and designed, Genworth R70!  …more

Nestle Developing ‘Exercise In A Bottle’. Will It Create As Many Problems As It Solves?

In a blog back in August 2012 I wrote about Nestle’s plan to develop products for the obese and the elderly. more…

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