How Companies Can Benefit From China’s Elderly

Here’s an interview I recently gave on Bloomberg TV.

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How to make your business Age-Friendly

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Opportunities Provided by the World’s Rapidly Ageing Population

Financial Times (UK) is publishing a six-part series on the changes being forced on industries ranging from technology to entertainment as companies wake up to the opportunities provided by the world’s rapidly ageing population. One needs to register and/or subscribe to the FT to access the articles but here are a few snippets: Global spending…more

Older People Still Under-Represented on TV

Women and older people are still starkly under-represented on UK television. A report by the Creative Diversity Network revealed that television was far younger and more male than the population at large. It said older people were “considerably under-represented” with over-55s accounting for just 8% of entertainment presenters and 12% of lead roles in drama. The research…more

Older People More Open to Using Smartwatches for Online Identification

Apart from their potential for gathering sports activities, navigation, phone calls and apps, smartwatches could also serve as proof of identity, a travel ticket holder or a method of making payments at the checkout. And according to an international study conducted by GfK, older generations seem more open to using smartwatches for online identification. The survey asked…more

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